Poulsbo Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Poulsbo Adventist School

Big Education, Small School

We love our small school family, and we think you'll love it too!



Students learn in a multi-grade environment, build solid friendships,

and experience the Advantages of Adventist Education.

Our Commitment

   We are committed to:

  • The Bible – Following and teaching the Bible.
  • Prayer – Praying for our school and students.
  • Curiosity – Encouraging curiosity, creativity, adventure and individuality in our students.
  • Integrity – Modeling and teaching integrity and honesty.
  • Academic Excellence – Helping each student reach his/her academic potential.
  • Respect – Teaching and modeling respect for others and their rights and ideas.
  • Service – Training our students for service in their relationships, community, and work.
  • Health – Inspiring whole person health with care for the emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical.
  • Safety – Creating a safe environment for learning while taking seriously the threats of bullying, violence, and shaming.