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A Happy Ending -- Bible Study Series on the Second Coming. 9/27/2017 through 10/15/2017
Come join us for the 3-week series entitled: A Happy Ending. This Bible study series focuses on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and runs from Wednesday, September 27 through Sunday, October 15. 

If you missed the first few days, do not worry -- you can listen in to the podcasts listed below or come join us on any or all of the evenings that remain. We would love to see you there. You can check out our Facebook Poulsbo Church page for updates, too.
A Happy Ending Bible Seminar Podcasts (these links will take you the ready to play podcast -- not the list. It will usually autoplay as soon as you open it):
SEPT 27:  1. Jesus Is the One Who's Coming
SEPT 28:  2. The Scoffers and the Promise
SEPT 29:  3. Prophetic Evidence for his Coming
SEPT 30:  4. Signs of His Coming
OCT 01:    5. Religious Signs of His Coming

Click here for the FULL PODCAST PAGE: Scroll to bottom of page to see "A Happy Ending" seminar series podcast list.